Get in touch, or contact one of our Relationship Managers Get in touch, or contact one of our Relationship Managers

Our Relationship Managers are highly experienced professionals who bring together expertise of working with a wide range of organisations and an in-depth knowledge of UEA.

3D彼女漫画尽在手机漫画网在线观看They can help external organisations to define their interests, needs and objectives for interaction with UEA and work with them to develop a plan of action. 

3D彼女漫画尽在手机漫画网在线观看Please contact us to discuss your requirements in confidence.

For more general enquiries contact us on 01603 593390


Relationship Manager - Digital, Heritage and Creative

Telephone: 01603 593445



Relationship Manager - Healthcare and Social Science 
Telephone: 01603 593178



Relationship Manager - Business, Financial and Legal Services 
Telephone: 01603 592076



Relationship Manager - Marine, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Telephone: 01603 591488



Relationship Manager - Medical and Life Sciences 
Telephone: 01603 593147


Relationship Manager - Engineering and Applied Mathematics
Telephone: 01603 597953


Sue Johnson
Consultancy and CPD/Professional Development
Telephone: 01603 591578



Dr Joita Dey
Intellectual Property/Licensing
Telephone: 01603 591576